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Things to Know Before Diving into Medical Cannabis

The world of medical cannabis is vast and getting larger. New studies are making new discoveries and buttressing ancient knowledge.

It’s an exciting time for researchers and even better for patients suffering from a range of physical and mental ailments. The diverse number of products and strains may surprise you.

However, before you get into this world, it’s helpful to know a few things first to ensure treatment is safe and effective as it can be.

Get the Dosage Level Right

Pills are easy to control the dosage of because the work is already pre-arranged. Medical cannabis comes in different forms, and whichever one you’re taking, getting the dosage level correct is essential.

Visit a medical cannabis dispensary and consult a cannabis-trained pharmacist to authorize the correct dosage level. They’ll also select the right strain and product for you based on your body and symptoms.

Not all Strains and Products Are the Same

There isn’t simply one product called “cannabis.” Each strain, or cultivar, has a different makeup that can impact medical treatment’s effectiveness. Plus, there are also different forms of cannabis.

For example, consuming a medical cannabis edible has a longer onset than dry leaf, concentrates, or oils. It also has a more potent and longer-lasting effect.

Your doctor or cannabis-trained pharmacist will proscribe the most suitable type of cannabis based on your body, lifestyle preferences, and medical needs. If you have an extremely high tolerance for cannabis, an edible may be best. However, this changes if you’re using cannabis to treat insomnia since edibles take a while to kick in.

Finally, medical cannabis also needs to factor in people’s dietary restrictions. Edible options today have expanded beyond the traditional cookie or brownie into things like beverages like teas and more.

Different Forms of Cannabis Like Edibles Have Unique Precautions

Getting the right cannabis strain and product also means specific precautions, especially concerning edibles. Because the effect of edibles is potent and onset takes longer to kick in, it’s best to limit consumption to one per day.

If you take a second edible before the first one has kicked in, the effects may become too strong, and you’ll feel uncomfortable. Should this happen, try to find somewhere calm to relax or even fall asleep. However, it’s better to avoid this situation by taking a single dose. If it turns out that that dose wasn’t large enough, you can always increase it the next day if your doctor or medical cannabis-trained pharmacist approves.

Also, just like with alcohol in the home, make sure you store any medical cannabis securely. The official, government-approved medical cannabis packaging has childproof features and won’t include any dangerous marketing designed to mislead kids into thinking there are candies.

Medical cannabis takes a surprising number of forms. As new products and strains hit the market, patients need to be well versed with the fundamentals so their medical journey is safe and effective. Keep the above tips in mind, but never take medical cannabis without strictly following the advice and authorizations of your healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist.