Enhance Curb Appeal So Your Property Doesn’t Look Boring

drive way

If you’re feeling a bit bored during the pandemic, then why not work on your property’s curb appeal? A little bit of work can make your house the envy of the neighbourhood. What’s more, with greater curb appeal, not only will the value of your property rise, but so will the value of other properties in the area!

With greater curb appeal, you can sell your property for more money or ask for more rent. After all, curb appeal sets an excellent first and last impression on potential buyers and renters alike.

Here are some tips that can help you enhance your property’s curb appeal:

1. Refurbish the Driveway

You can instantly boost your property’s curb appeal by refurbishing the driveway. Contact a local and reputable company like Seal-A-Drive to repair or maintain your driveway. This company has been in the business for two decades, is known for excellent customer service, uses the best tools and products, and guarantees its work.

With the right services, your driveway will look better and last longer too. For example, it’s essential to quickly repair cracks in your driveway before they grow larger, especially if you live in a cold city. The regular freeze-thaw cycles can rapidly turn the gaps in your driveway into potholes.

Of course, potholes are dangerous for foot traffic, your vehicles, and your property. Water left in potholes can seep into your property, causing severe and expensive structural damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an asphalt driveway care team before it’s too late.

2. Paint the House

You can ward off boredom by painting your house and improving curb appeal. If you don’t have the energy to paint the whole house, consider painting certain parts of the home like the doors, window sills, etc.

Aside from painting the house, you can try some other cost-effective measures to boost curb appeal:

  • Add attractive planters to the porch.
  • Spice up the porch further with seating and outdoor rugs.
  • Replace the light fixtures with modern ones.
  • Change the old mailbox or repaint it.
  • Paint the fence a welcoming colour.
  • Add an ornamental new gate.
  • Install colourful new window boxes.
  • Change the old gutters and downspouts.
  • Place some interesting outdoor art in your lawn.

3. Manicure the Lawn

A well-manicured lawn looks beautiful, enhances your home’s curb appeal, and can improve the air quality of your home. A professional landscaper can quickly transform the look of your property. Alternatively, you can do it yourself by following tips from the Internet.

Remember, you must correctly mow the lawn and feed it the right amount of fertilizer to keep it healthy. In addition, you must water it the correct amount. Water it too little, and your lawn will starve and turn an unsightly colour. Overwater it, and your grass will suffocate and die.

To make the task less tedious, you can install an automatic sprinkler system that uses a sensor to manage the watering on a rainy day.

By starting a home improvement project, you can find something interesting to do and make your property look more attractive.