Why You Should Rent a Canoe at Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is one of the most striking bodies of water in all of North America. It consistently tops ‘most beautiful lists.’ It’s frequently used as a stock image on desktop and cell phone backgrounds. And it’s considered by many travellers to be one of the most impressive natural vistas in the world.

If you’ve been entranced by the bright blue waters of Moraine Lake — and you’re now eagerly planning a visit — you’ve no doubt been researching things to do in the area. Our top tip? Rent a canoe when you arrive! Read on to learn why (and for a few more top tips on getting there).

Getting to Moraine Lake

At the end of 2022, the road to Moraine Lake was closed to private vehicle traffic. Instead of taking their own cars, travellers can book tickets on a convenient Moraine Lake shuttle bus.

The decision to close the road was made in response to heavy congestion in the area: over 5,000 cars were turned away daily during the busy tourist season. This was disappointing thousands of visitors, and it wasn’t great for the environment, either.

By taking private cars off Moraine Lake Road:

  • Emissions have been reduced by approximately four tonnes of CO2 every day.
  • Wildlife can re-establish their natural, instinctive movements throughout the landscape.
  • Visitors who plan ahead carefully won’t be turned away and disappointed.

Now you know how to get to Moraine Lake, here are a few reasons why you should rent a canoe when you get there.

Why You Should Rent a Canoe

While many visitors plan to hike when they get to Moraine Lake, renting a canoe gives you different benefits. For one, it’s a nice change of pace if you’ve spent the rest of your trip hiking. There are other perks, too!

You’ll See the Lake from a Different Perspective

This glacier-fed lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks gets its dazzling blue shade from the sun bouncing off of rock dust suspended in the water — dust created by glaciers grinding against bedrock. Renting a canoe at Moraine Lake is an amazing way to see these unique waters up close and their surrounding scenery from an entirely different perspective, and one you wouldn’t see from any of the nearby viewpoints on one of the Moraine Lake hiking trails.

When you’re paddling across the tranquil waters of the lake, you’re completely immersed in the surrounding landscape — you’re at the base of the Valley of the Ten Peaks, offered an up-close view of its rock-strewn base, its towering sharp peaks, and the evergreen trees along the shoreline that are brimming with wildlife. Canoeing gives you an intimate insight into this relatively untouched landscape.

You’ll Come Back with the Best Photos

For those eager to get unique Insta-worthy pics while you’re on vacation, a canoe is the place to be! There’s no need to add filters when you’re at Moraine Lake. The natural vibrancy of the water and its surroundings do all the work for you.

It’s a Peaceful Activity

Paddling across Moraine Lake is also a great way to break from fellow sightseers. While other colourful canoes will paddle by, exploring via water is a quiet-paced activity.

The Bottom Line

Canoeing at Moraine Lake offers breathtaking views and top photo opportunities. If you’re planning a visit to Moraine Lake, add ‘renting a canoe’ to your vacation list. You won’t regret it!