The Best Pandemic Movies to Watch When You’re Bored During the Pandemic

About one third of the global population is under lockdown restrictions in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. That means about 2.6 billion people’s lives are indefinitely paused and are currently spent inside their homes. Without the options to go to work, out for coffee, or be closer than 6 feet to another person, a lot of people have found that they have a lot of extra time on their hands. Although being stuck at home can get monotonous, the internet has filled the social hole as the world waits out the pandemic.

It’s All About Streaming

Thanks to streaming platforms that provide videos, podcasts, and music, biding time during the lockdown is a little bit easier. One of the easiest ways to kill time is to have a movie marathon. All you need to do is get comfortable, some snacks, water to keep you hydrated, and a subscription to a streaming service!

The Best Movies to Watch When Bored at Night

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your movie options and are looking for other movies to keep you busy, you can really set the mood with fun late-night movies about apocalypses and pandemics. They’ll reassure you that you’re in a better pandemic-influenced world than the fictional worlds ravaged by unnaturally fast zombies and incurable contagious diseases.

Dawn of the Dead

George A. Romero’s second film based on his books shows the effects of a contagion that couldn’t be controlled in its early stages and follows a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.

Here are two suggestions on how to watch this movie:

  1. Watch the original 1978 version and then the 2004 remake
  2. Watch the Night of the Living Dead film series in entirety

Train to Busan

Instead of showing the chaos all over the world, the movie develops its main characters in a way for the audience to emotionally invest themselves in their quest to survive devastation on a train full of people.

You can follow up by watching the animated prequel, Seoul Station, that was released a year after Train to Busan. There are plans to release the third movie, Peninsula, in August 2020.

This Is the End

If you’re looking for less zombies and violence, watch Seth Rogen, James DeFranco, and many other stars satirically playing themselves surviving in an apocalyptic world after a sudden reaping during a house party.

Warm Bodies

A bit of apocalyptic romance, an eternal zombie who goes by the name, ‘R,’ is doomed to wander the empty, desolate airport with other zombies and then he meets a girl. You know the rest!

The Flu

After an outbreak of a deadly virus kills its victims after 36 hours, the Bundang district goes into complete chaos as authorities try to prevent the illness from spreading to Seoul.

Bonus: Kingdom

Not a movie, but a series of episodes in a period piece set in Korea, follows a scorned heir as he tries to rescue his kingdom from blood-crazed zombies – binge both seasons!