This Spring, Family-Owned Car Dealerships Have the Ford You Need

There’s nothing like watching that snow and ice on the road finally melt away to make you feel like winter is over, and a future of sunshine awaits! We need to drive in winter, but we enjoy driving when ice on the road is no longer a safety hazard, and you can roll the windows down and feel the wind rustle your hair.

Keep on reading to learn why some of the best deals you can find this spring are at your local family-owned Ford dealership, in the form of the Ford EcoSport.

Ford 2020 EcoSport

Checkout your trusted Ford dealership to see the versatile, agile, and peppy 2020 EcoSport. Available in four trims that give you room to choose between the levels of features you want, but each one is compact, smart, and loaded with stylish and intelligent features.

Available features like a Power Moonroof, Heated Steering Wheel, and an 8-inch LCD Touchscreen with Ford’s patent 3SYNC technology makes any drive an absolute pleasure. It’s also available with Intelligent 4-Wheel Drive, so it can handle a wide range of terrain and road conditions.

Whether you need to navigate through cities or the country, you’ll love having an SUV that belongs everywhere you need to go.

Advanced Safety Features

The EcoSport is available with safety features that will help keep you, your passengers, and everybody on the road safer. For example, the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert uses radars to detect if there are any vehicles currently in those hard-to-see spots.

If there are, a warning light will appear on the appropriate exterior mirror. The vehicle issues a warning if it detects something behind while reversing slowly. Perfect for leaving a parking lot or exiting the driveway.

The rear camera even has its own little washer, so snow or debris doesn’t eliminate your ability to see clearly and drive safely. Visit your family-owned dealership to take a look, because they’re the best dealerships to visit if you want pressure-free and friendly, knowledgeable service.


The 2020 EcoBoost comes with FordPass Connect, which is a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This way, passengers can have the time fly by on long trips, without having to use up their own data.

You can even use this connectivity to remotely start your vehicle, lock and unlock it, check your odometer reading, fuel level and distance to empty, and more. Speaking of advanced technology, the EcoSport has voice-activated touchscreen navigation, so you can always drive confidently and safely wherever it is you need to go.

A compact SUV that has generous capacity for storage cargo? A fuel efficient vehicle that can handle rugged roads and conditions? An affordable car with technology that exceeds modern expectations for safety and entertainment features? All this can be yours, just visit your local family-owned Ford dealership to check out the 2020 EcoSport today.