Five Great Travel Destinations That Are Sure to Fit Your Budget

If you dream of travelling, but you have to be careful with your spending, there are plenty of good countries to visit on a budget.

Here are the five best places to travel on a dime:

1. Argentina

Argentina is a popular destination because it offers different things for different tastes. Some people will really love the natural landscapes, glaciers, and mountains in Patagonia, while some will be attracted to the street life in their European-style cities like Buenos Aires, with its European architecture and cafes.

Top attractions include the El Calafate glacier, restaurants and bars in Buenos Aires, and the Tierra del Fuego National Park. All at budget friendly prices!

2. Romania

Romania provides an affordable European escape. Not as well known as other countries in Europe, it has its own charm. This is where the legend of Dracula was born!

Romania will appeal to those who love nature, with the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains, and those who love to explore beautifully preserved, centuries old castles.

The Transylvania region has managed to maintain much of its unique culture. It kept to its roots, and hasn’t succumbed to the mass commercialization and high prices of other European destinations.

There are a wide range of affordable activities that you can enjoy, like The Dracula Investigation, The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina and Peles Castle.

3. Sri Lanka

A few things that the island nation of Sri Lanka offers are cabanas on the beach, wildlife safaris, mountain climbing or train rides through the lush forests.

A major attraction is the food, which is delicious and yet affordable, especially the street eats.

Located off the coast of India, Sri Lanka offers a lot to do, without the number of tourists you would get in India.

Top attractions include fascinating colored temples, Lion’s Rock, Kumana and Gal Oya National Parks for wildlife viewing, and kitesurfing!

4. Hungary

Hungary is an Eastern European country where you can find medieval villages, historic basilicas and open countryside, all for a lot less. This gem is not as crowded as other European cities, which means that there is more goulash and dumplings for you!

Top attractions include the main city of Budapest, which offers both culture and greenery from many parks and famous thermal baths.

Also, the Basilica of St. Stephen, and the charming “city of sunshine”, Szeged, with its stunning architecture.

5. Nepal

Nepal may be remote to get to, but it is worth the effort! It is among the cheapest places to travel.

It is a place that anyone who loves hiking definitely should go to. Of course, there are the mountains that offer high-altitude hiking, but there are also glacial lakes and gorgeous, lush tea fields.

There are the beautiful towns to see, and safaris in Chitwan National Park where you can see wild rhinos, elephants, and tigers.

Top attractions include Kathmandu, where you can see many ancient temples, shopping the Ason and Mangal Bazaars, and the lakeside town of Pokhara, where there is boating, rafting and paragliding.