Headphones for Frequent Fliers

I think it’s safe to say no one enjoys traveling… hold on, I’m not talking about what people often think of when they hear traveling—which is exploring another country and culture—I’m talking about the part of traveling people often ignore or forget about—the part that is actually traveling from location A to location B.

Whether it’s flying or driving, whether you’re traveling alone or with family—the act of moving several hundred miles over a short period of time can feel extremely long.

Fortunately, we currently live in a time when technological breakthroughs are happening at what feels like a once-a-week clip.

Now, we live in a world where headphones are so advanced you can put on a pair and completely tune out the rest of the world.

Below is a list of headphones that can make traveling more bearable.

COWIN E7 Active

The E7 model offers a closed-back design and the cups can swivel and fall relatively flat on the ears, so they’re comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

They feature bass optimized 45mm diaphragm drivers which work fairly efficiently. The electronics are engineered to respond based on a wave processing algorithm, which means their noise cancelling abilities are extremely effective.

The microphone, supported by the ANC, is good quality, and has user-friendly controls, which makes it effective at handling voice calls.

The active model is currently retailing for $79.99, while the PRO model can be bought for just $15 more at $95.99.

Koss UR-20

The Koss UR-20 is a very cost-effective option for people looking for quality headphones at a reasonable price.

While they aren’t initially intended to be used as travel headphones, they provide a cheap overhead option which capably competes with some of the more travel-worthy headphones.

The drivers utilize neodymium magnets and are sufficiently capable with a big workload. They have a decent frequency response and their audio quality is superior to anything with a comparable price point.

In terms of construction, the headband is very flexible, but also made from a very durable frame; the cups have the cushioning necessary for listening comfortably for extended periods of time.

You can buy them online for $41.99.

Bose QuietComfort 25

The QuietComfort 25 headphones from Bose are marketed as airplane headphones, so they’re specifically designed to use while traveling.

They provide deep resonant high-definition sound, and both actively and passively cancel noise, which is especially good considering how loud plane engines can be (not to mention the cabin if there’s a baby on board).

The cups are cushion-lined and feel extremely soft against your ears, which makes them ideal for prolonged use.

They feature powerful high-performance drivers, forged with top-quality components and employ over-sized coils for richer audio.

They are easy to fold, and they come with a durable storage case, making them convenient to pack (even when the airline doesn’t include luggage), and they come with a free compatible air-travel connector.

However, they are on the pricey side as their starting price is listed as: $220.