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Save Money with These Fun Fall Activities That the Kids Will Love

Save Money with These Fun Fall Activities That the Kids Will Love

Having fun during fall doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere exotic and spend a lot of money. Do things at home, and save money! Here are some activities that can be done indoors at home, or outdoors and are sure to become favourites for the whole family:

Have a Picnic

Fall is your last chance to have a picnic, and fall days are perfect. Not too hot, and few if any bugs. If it’s a little cool, just be sure to have warm soup in a thermos or something warm packed to eat.

Go on a Colour Walk

Have the kids go on a walk with you and identify objects of a certain colour and collect them. If they are old enough, have them take pictures.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Turn a regular hike into a treasure hunt! Give the kids a list of things to hunt for and see how long it takes them. Things like a feather, a leaf with a jagged edge, a pretty rock. It’s amazing what you can find in a forest!

Jump into Leaves

You already have to do the chore of raking leaves. Why not create a big leaf pile and let the kids jump into it? Classic.

Pumpkin Carving

Let the kids help with pumpkin carving. Don’t let a young child carve a pumpkin, but let older kids carve with supervision and age-appropriate carving tools.

Too cold or rainy to go outside? Here are some indoor activities:

Make a Wreath for the Season

Have the kids help you make a corn wreath for the front door. Just hot-glue ears of Indian corn and husks to an 18-inch craft ring. Easy! 

Prepare a Halloween Costume

Go costume shopping with your kids and let them decide what they would like to wear. Or, let them design their own with your help and their imagination. There are DIY costumes for every skill level.

Face Painting

Transform your children into fun characters with face painting. You can get kits with specialized, safe paint and stencils to help you.

Make Pizza Cookies

Cut cookies from a prepared roll of cookie dough, bake and let cool. Then use red icing for the tomato sauce, shredded coconut for cheese and red or brown M&M’s for pepperoni.

Read a Book

Get a cup of hot chocolate, get cozy and read a book together.


Read from your child’s favourite book. When you get to an important point in the book, ask them to change the story and see where it goes.

That gives them an active part in the reading, and develops their ability to think on their feet and be creative. For example, ask your child if they think they would take beans for payment like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. What if they didn’t? How would that change the story?

All of these activities are fun and can be done at home, or close to home, saving you money!