Watch for these 2020 Food Trends

Watch for these 2020 Food Trends

Watch for these 2020 Food Trends

You never know what food will end up trending, but some of the 2020 food trends seem to focus on a more virtuous lifestyle, like drinking less and eating plant-based food.

And it is not just about food. It’s also about how food is being consumed. We’re giving it our best guess, and here are 2020 food trends to watch out for!

Check out these food trends for 2020:

1. Low-Alcohol Drinks

Studies have shown that 66% of millennials are making efforts to lower their alcohol consumption. They are committed to wellness pursuits like yoga, meditation and fitness, and support a $4.2 trillion global wellness market.

Companies know this, and offer alcohol-free beverages that still feel grown up and fancy, thanks to their pretty packaging.

2. Pea Protein

Pea protein is another result of the trend towards healthier and guilt free plant-based eating. This protein can replace whey and collagen, that are based on animal sources, when making smoothies. It is also expected to be used for meat alternatives and vegan cheeses.

3. Gnocchi

Not just the good old-fashioned gnocchi. Thanks to Trader Joe’s, there are now sauce-filled gnocchi with fancy flavors like kale and chocolate. When Trader Joe’s drops a new product, people eat it up, and there are sure to be copy cat products from other food producers.

4. Diversity in Fast Food Breakfasts

Major fast food chains are all diversifying their breakfast options. Some examples are Burger King’s Breakfast Croissan’wich, with an Impossible Foods plant-based sausage patty, and a chicken version of McDonald’s McGriddle that will be offered in more locations.

5. Intermittent Fasting

This is an ongoing trend. There are always trendy diets happening, like keto diets, but this way of eating is not controversial.

There is nothing wrong with limiting eating hours throughout the day. In addition, research is proving that intermittent fasting has benefits that include stress resistance and a decrease in the chances of cancer and obesity.

6. Flexitarianism

Flexitarians follow a mostly plant-based diet but will eat meat and animal by-products every once in a while. It is much easier to say that one word, flexitarian, than it is to explain it, or to have to defend vegetarianism or veganism.

These are the people who drive Meatless Mondays and fast food that features meat-free alternatives.

7. Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastic

The trend of banning bags, then straws, began in California and was adopted by the rest of the country. If history is any indication, then the San Francisco International Airport ban of single-use plastic water bottles will soon be adopted.

It is expected that companies will not use single-use plastic in their packaging in the first place. Banned or not, people are looking to cut down on single-use plastic.

8. Ghost Kitchens

This is an idea whose time has come. Ghost Kitchen restaurants are, in essence, large commercial kitchens. There are no places for people to sit down and dine in. Going out to eat at a restaurant is out – getting delivery or pick-up is in.

Happy eating!