The Top 5 Places to Travel for Students

The Top 5 Places to Travel for Students

The school year tires you out. For those who live off campus, it’s the daily grind of waking up early in the morning, doing the traffic-filled commute, and making it to class on time to actually get a seat. Then you have to juggle your part-time job dealing with not so nice people and you have to find time to actually do assignments and study.

When that’s all over, you definitely deserve a break. And that means that it’s time for a vacation!

5 Travel Destinations for a Student’s Budget

1. Niagara Falls, New York/Canada

With the right schedule and budget, you can visit two countries in one go at Niagara Falls. A popular destination for both tourists visiting southern Ontario and locals looking to get out of the city. Full of life, Niagara Falls makes a perfect, affordable destination because of its rich history of preserving both sides of the Falls for future generations. There is no shortage of options even for just one day at the Falls that will make it a perfect getaway.

2. Savannah, Georgia, USA

Go back in time and visit the southern city of Savannah, Georgia. A city that exists in basically the same state it has been in since pre-civil war times, you can visit the many, many historical sites. History buffs and literature lovers can admire the birthplaces of writers, Confederate soldiers, and Civil War forts. All of Savannah’s colonial background makes it a destination for lovers of the paranormal with spooky ghost tours around the city.

3. Havana, Cuba

Havana, oh na na, the city that inspired more artists just like Camila Cabello. As one of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Vatican and Galápagos Islands, the city is no doubt full of history and life. You can rent a vintage car and drive around and take in as many beautiful sights as you can.

4. Albania

This small European country that sits in between Italy and Greece has everything – gorgeous, mountainous sites, castles, WWII Museums, and bunkers! Admire Albania’s many hiking trails and take in the sights of a country that has been through so much even before the world wars. Not only are the sights beautiful, but you can enjoy the clear waters, beaches and hot springs hidden far away from the cities.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Escape from all of your responsibilities and visit Bali, Indonesia, a popular destination for its beaches, forests, rice fields, waterfalls, and upscale resorts. Fret not about missing out on upscale resorts – AirBnB stays in entire homes, apartments, and beach houses can be under $100 USD a night! Catered to tourists, Bali gives you fun and relaxation with $1 Bintang beer and beautiful beaches. Explore the beautiful rice fields, the famous monkey forest, and Mount Batur. It’s easy to make your money go far in Bali and it’ll be like your real life never existed.

Life is more than just the daily grind. Give yourself a break with a vacation that you can plan according to all of your interests!