The Most Popular Characters from DC Comics in Movies

The Most Popular Characters from DC Comics in Movies

DC comics have introduced some of the most beloved superhero characters to the world through their comics, and many of those heroes have made such a cultural impact that they have made their way onto the big screen in DC comic movies.

There will always be debate among fans around who are the most popular characters. Here are our picks for the top four most popular DC comics movie characters:

1. Batman

One of the reasons why Batman is so popular is because he is human, like his fans. No superpowers or abilities. No alien DNA. People respond to his humanity and how he has to learn and adapt just like anyone else.

The villains in his life are interesting and unique as well.

The best Batman movie was The Dark Knight, released in 2008. This movie explored heroism, evil and sacrifice in-depth, and set a new standard for comic book movies. Another element that made it the best Batman movie were the great performances, especially Heath Ledger who played the most terrifying portrayal of the villain The Joker.

2. Superman

Some would argue that his invulnerability to anything but Kryptonite and his almost one-dimensional goodness make for a dull superhero.

He could easily demand that people worship him, but that is not what he wants from humanity. He inspires hope by showing humanity that they have it within their power to stand up against evil.

The best Superman movie, Superman II, was made way back in 1980. It set the stage for superhero movie sequels. The sequel allows for a deeper look into Superman himself, and spends a great deal of time looking into the character of his villain, General Zod, making for a more well-rounded movie.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s superpowers include superhuman strength, the power of flight and enhanced senses.

Her drive to do good is what makes her popular. She feels it is her duty to use her abilities to help the world, and she does everything to fulfill that duty.

The best Wonder Woman movie came out in 2017, and was important because it had a female superhero lead, and the movie was also directed by a woman!

4. The Joker

We all have a fascination with evil characters. A part of us wants to live outside of the rules of society, so we enjoy how The Joker answers to no one.

There are many movies that feature The Joker without him being the main character. The best Joker movie that has The Joker as the main character is Joker, made in 2019 with Joaquin Phoenix. However, the best portrayal of The Joker was Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

Some new, upcoming DC movies include Wonder Woman and Batman again, with Wonder Woman 1984 (release: 2020), and The Batman (release 2021).

Other new DC movies are Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (release: 2020) and Suicide Squad Sequel (release: 2021), which may produce even more popular characters!