Stay Active This Winter with These At-Home Work Outs for Every Fitness Levels

Stay Active This Winter with These At-Home Work Outs for Every Fitness Levels

When the temperature outside gets too low, staying inside under a blanket with a hot drink sounds like the best way to relax. Although it is a great way to stay cozy in the winter, it shouldn’t be a way to get out of staying active and your exercise routine. The ability to stay active in winter is easier now more than ever and a convenient way to exercise when you don’t feel like going to the gym. The Internet makes it so that you can find a professional fitness trainer in the matter of seconds that gives helpful workout tips and advice. 

Depending on your current fitness routine, whether it’s the walk to the bathroom in the morning or half-hour cardio and half-hour weights every evening, there are workouts for everyone. And because winter inconveniences everyone at least once during the icy, slippery season, you can find an at-home workout to match your fitness level. 

At-Home Workouts for the Athletes

You’re itching to go to the gym, but the roads are a slushy mess and it’ll take you twice as long to get there to finish your workout. 

Try burst training by doing a circuit of the following moves 8 times that takes 20 minutes

  1. Stationary sprinters — 20 seconds
  2. Boxer stance — 10 seconds
  3. Squat thrust — 20 seconds
  4. Boxer stance — 10 seconds
  5. Spider-Man mountain climber — 20 seconds
  6. Boxer stance — 10 seconds
  7. Criss-cross pickup — 20 seconds
  8. Boxer stance — 10 seconds
  9. Power plank — 20 seconds
  10. Boxer stance — 10 seconds

The boxer stance in between each move is your active recovery move. If you only have 15 minutes to workout, go through the circuit 6 times.

For People Who Need to Switch It Up

Doing the same routine everyday can be boring and that includes your daily exercise. Here’s a 5-day workout with a different routine for each day.

For People Who Have No Time 

Daily responsibilities seem to never end and you only have a short period of time for yourself. Here are 6 different workouts that targets different fitness areas and only take 10 minutes after a 6-minute pre-warmup. Do at least one of these workouts per day to stay healthy and have stronger muscles.

If you don’t have ten minutes to stay in one place, you can combine housework and fitness by trying out these calorie-burning exercises:

  • Laundry Steps – for every load of laundry you have, make 5 trips up and down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs, lift the laundry basket up to your shoulder 5 times. 
  • Coffee Wall-Sit – while you wait for the water to boil or coffee to brew, work out your glutes with a wall-sit exercise.
  • Dish Squats – don’t reach for the dishes while putting them away, squat down each time.
  • Sink Push Ups – every time you need to use the sink, do 20 standing pushups against the counter.

Desk Pushes – place your palms under your desk and push as if trying to lift the desk for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then again twice.