Seven Easy Ways to Save on a Caribbean Winter Vacation

Seven Easy Ways to Save on a Caribbean Winter Vacation

Seven Easy Ways to Save on a Caribbean Winter Vacation

When the weather gets colder, the Snowbirds begin to dream of a winter vacation on a Caribbean beach.

A winter getaway doesn’t have to break the bank! We’ve looked at the part of a vacation that can eat up most of your budget – accommodations and meals.

Here’s how to save on that Caribbean winter getaway you’ve been dreaming about:

1. Know What’s Included in Your All Inclusive

All-inclusives can be a way to save money if what you want is matched by what they are offering. For example, if a resort offers a water sport you like as part of the fee, then it is worthwhile. But if you want tours and they aren’t covered, it may cost you more than the savings of being at an all-inclusive.

Be aware that not every single expense may be covered.

2. Book a Rental

If you are going with a group, why not rent a villa? That way you can split the costs. Also, renting a house let’s you save by cooking your own meals.

3. Stay Off the Beaten Path

Stay at a hotel or resort that isn’t right on the beach, but close. If you do stay at a place on the beach, take a room on the opposite side of the hotel. Consider how much you will be in your room. Will you really miss the view? Choosing to stay somewhere that isn’t first choice will save you a lot of money.

4. Stay at a Specialty Resort

Save money by staying at a place that caters to special interest and offers packages that include accommodations. For example, a resort dedicated to diving can offer lower accommodation prices because they usually have their own boats and equipment and can offer meal and dive packages.

5. Choose the Right Meal Plan

Many hotels offer meal plans, but consider what you need. Usually, there is a European Plan where no meals are included, the Continental Plan, which includes breakfast only and the American Plan which includes all three meals, and the Modified American Plan, with breakfast and dinner.

If you’re going to be away from the hotel all day sightseeing, then the three meal plan is a waste of money. If you plan to check out the local cuisine and go to restaurants, you may only want breakfast.

6. Take a Cue from the Locals

The locals know where the good food is, so go where they go. You will get more authentic local cuisine, and it will almost always be cheaper. Try the street food to get a taste of culture. If you’re not sure about food safety, ask at the hotel front desk. They would know if a place should be avoided.

7. Prepare Your Own Food

Go to the grocery store, or to any of the markets you find. Be adventurous and try a fruit or vegetable you aren’t familiar with. If you don’t have a place to cook, stock up on provisions and make snacks.

Enjoy saving on your winter getaway!