Secrets to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Secrets to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Secrets to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Cleanliness is godliness, and there’s no room in your home more important to keep clean than your washroom. When you have company over, they will leave your home thinking less of you if your bathroom is in bad shape!

Plus, you want to feel clean whenever you use it, and it’s a room that gets used every single day. Keep on reading for some good tips to a deep-clean on the different components of your washroom.


Naturally, when keeping things clean in the washroom we need to pay extra attention to the throne in our home which deals with biological waste. Put chlorine bleach in the bowl and let it sit for ten minutes, then scrub the interior and flush it all down.

Make sure to use disinfectant on the toilet’s exterior, including the rim, seat, cover, and the handle. Cleaning your drains and plumbing system is an important component of bathroom cleanliness, too.

It’s a complicated process that requires professionals, so read this to learn more about cleaning your drains and ensuring a blockage doesn’t cause other problems requiring cleaning. Overflowing toilet bowls and messy floors don’t need to be cleaned if they never occur in the first place.

Bath Tub

Sometimes city water contains minerals which causes scummy textures to appear on the porcelain. They look pretty gross, and can ruin the tranquility you’d otherwise feel taking a nice warm candle-lit bath.

For a nice natural solution, fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. The acidic contents will work wonders. Just spray the tub and let it rest for fifteen minutes, then wipe it away with a soft sponge.

The moisture in your bathroom causes mould and mildew to grow. Any black spots near your tub’s caulking should be cleaned off with bleach, and scrubbed away with a soft-bristled brush. Your tub will be disinfected and clean, so you can clean yourself in it.

Cleaning Your Showerhead

As pay back for all the times it has cleaned you, it’s time you properly clean your showerhead! Hard water can cause white streaks near the rim to form, and they’re not only ugly to look at, they reduce the water pressure of your shower.

Fill a little sandwich bag with white vinegar, and fasten it around the showerhead using an elastic band. After twenty minutes, take the bag off and turn on the shower to flush out the deposits or gunk from inside the showerhead.

Wipe the showerhead down with a clean and damp cloth to remove the vinegar smell. You’ll have a clean and properly working showerhead, and you’ll love how much less time it takes to rinse the shampoo out of your hair with the improved water pressure.

Keeping a home clean is important, but the bathroom poses unique challenges. Keep these tips in mind concerning your toilet, tub and showerhead, and you can enjoy a fresh and clean room in which to groom and relieve yourself.