Old Doesn’t Mean Boring. How to Stay Exciting as You Age

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There is no rule that says you become less interesting with every birthday. Getting older doesn’t mean getting boring. 

If you’re worried about turning stale, you should read these three basic tips for keeping things exciting well into your golden years: 

Be Social

Sometimes, retirement can feel isolating. You’re no longer going into a workplace for most of the week. Old friends have moved away, and communication has dwindled. Your kids have left the nest. It’s easy to slip into a comfortable routine and not socialize. 

If that’s the case, you should think about moving into a retirement community. Being surrounded by peers will help you fight boredom and isolation. There won’t be a dull moment because your schedule will always be full of lunches, game nights, classes and events with friends.

Socializing with other people will push your boundaries. They’ll encourage you to broaden your horizons and try new things. A solid community will nudge you out of your comfort zone.

If you need more motivation, being socially active is just one of the secrets to living longer and healthier. It could be in your best interest to move into a tight-knit senior community and join in on the fun. 

Learn New Things 

There’s a popular saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” People often say it to dismiss learning anything new in their golden years. The saying isn’t true at all. It may take a little more practice to learn a new skill, but it’s nowhere near impossible. 

If anything, a zest for learning is healthy. Researchers have found that learning new things is good for you because it helps your brain develop and staves off symptoms of dementia. 

What can you do? Pick a different language to learn. Join a book club and read novels that you’ve never picked up before. Jump into a creative hobby. As long as you’re challenging your mind every day, you’ll make sure that you’re never boring or bored.

Let Go of Your Inhibitions

People tend to blend in because it feels safer. They won’t get judged or questioned by others if they don’t stand out. But sometimes, blending in is boring. 

Ask yourself if you’re holding back because you’re worried about what other people will think. What will make you happy? What have you always wanted to do? 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to dye your hair blue. Well, take a look at these older women who dyed their hair crazy colours like pink, blue and purple. They didn’t let all of the teenagers have fun with wild hair-dye. Don’t be afraid to cover your grays with bright and unexpected colours. If you don’t like it, you can always change it back. 

Maybe you want to give school another try. There are lots of seniors who go back to school to earn general degrees and specialized certificates. If you’re shy about jumping into classes again, you can always sign up for part-time courses online. You can take it slow. 

Don’t listen to your inhibitions. Be brave and do the thing that scares you.

Being social, trying new things and following your heart are three things that will make you really happy. They will also make sure that you’re anything but boring, no matter what age you are.