How to Prepare for a Video Interview

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Currently, the entire world is facing new challenges presented by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To prevent the spread of the virus, many people are self-isolating on the advice of leading health and government officials. It’s difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy when everyone is confined inside. However, as time passes and individuals adapt to this temporary new way of life, people realize that life does go on, and if we all stay safe, we can do almost anything from the comfort of home!

The world does indeed continue to spin, even if things are a little challenging right now. People are still working, and this means that people are also hiring. Employers are looking to find the right executive to join their team — whether that means hiring someone on virtually or waiting until the time comes to once again open the office doors. Are you up for a new executive position? Or are you on the hunt for one? If you have an interview coming up, it’s very likely going to be held online.

Are you prepared to sit in front of your computer at home and engage professionally with potential employers for a couple of hours? If you’ve never done it before, you must prepare for not only the actual interview questions, but also an entirely new interview format.

Take a look at these tips on how you can nail your upcoming job interview from home.

Don’t Be Camera Shy

If you’re not used to it, looking at yourself on camera while talking can feel unnatural and awkward. However, interviews conducted on platforms such as Skype or Zoom requires all parties to use their front-facing camera. You’ll see yourself as well as anyone else involved in the interview on your screen.

To prepare yourself, engage in mock-interviews with friends or family members to get used to seeing yourself on the computer screen. When the day of the interview finally arrives, you will hardly notice anyone else but the interviewers.

Maintain Eye Contact

Even though it’s difficult not to stare at yourself when an image of your face is directly in front of you, don’t do it! Like any other interview, maintain eye contact with the interviewers as much as possible. They’ll notice if you don’t look at them while speaking. It won’t look very professional if you’re staring at yourself the entire time.

Enter the Interview like Any Other

Just because you’re in the comfort of home with access to notes and other helpful aids, doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that. It’s OK to keep a couple of notes on hand if you need it, but people can tell if you’re clicking through websites and shuffling through papers. It’s incredibly unprofessional and shows that you’re unprepared.

Dress accordingly and always wear clothing that makes you feel confident and powerful. Wear a freshly pressed blazer and a sharp outfit to match. We won’t tell on you if you keep your slippers on, though.

A job interview conducted online is just as crucial as one held in the office. Executive positions remain the same, wherever they happen to be during this unpredictable time — so, remember to camera ready!