Here Are Some Deals You Can Expect for Black Friday, so Get Ready

Here Are Some Deals You Can Expect for Black Friday, so Get Ready

Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season, a time to save money on Christmas gifts, or to save money on gifts for yourself!

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving. It is based on Thanksgiving in the US, so it is in November. The date changes, because it is based on the fourth week of November.

Some of the sales that begin on Black Friday extend to Cyber Monday, which is the Monday following Thanksgiving, and is another opportunity for retailers to promote sales.

Stores will sometimes open their stores early or even have promotions, deals and sales available on the Thursday before Black Friday to get the drop on other stores, and they also sometimes have sales earlier in the week of Black Friday, like Monday or Wednesday.

Your best bet is to set up an account with your favourite stores so that you receive information in advance of people who don’t have account.

The fact is, that stores don’t give out Black Friday sale information in advance. So, we can only predict what will go on sale, based on past performance.

Be prepared and check to see which stores will be open on Thursday or earlier with deals. Check any Black Friday ads and flyers for store hours and when each retailer will start with their online Black Friday deals if you are going online. Door crasher sales tend to be the best deals.

Have an idea of what you are going to buy prior to Black Friday, because of course the best deals sell out quickly.

Here are some places to get the best discounts, promotions and sales on listed items:

The Bay

Clothes: Women’s outerwear

Shoes: men and women’s shoes, including boots, running shoes, dress shoes and slippers

Homewares: towels, vacuums

Miscellaneous: watches and toys

Beauty: cosmetics and fragrances

Canadian Tire

Equipment: snowblowers

Tools: wireless drills, socket sets

Housewares: cookware set, vacuums

Miscellaneous: treadmills


Electronics: 4k TVs, Notebooks, Chromebooks

Housewares: coffee machines, mattresses

Miscellaneous: watches

Best Buy

Electronics: Apple computers, Chromebooks, TVs, gaming consoles, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo

Appliances: fridges, dishwashers, washers and dryers

Miscellaneous: cameras


Electronics: TVs and TV accessories like sound bars and TV mounts, computers and printers, Notebooks and Chromebooks, smart phones, and videogames

Miscellaneous: cameras, including security cameras


Appliances: fridges, washers and dryers

Electronics: monitors, laptops, ipads, Chromebooks, wireless headphones, portable speakers

Clothing: ladies and men’s jeans, women’s hooded jackets

Homewares: mattresses

Miscellaneous: cameras

Sport Chek

Clothing: jackets

Shoes: name brand shoes, winter boots

Equipment: hockey equipment


Personal care and beauty items: clarifying lotion, skincare by age 30, Anti-aging trial kits, foundation kits, Sephora Collection Midnight Skincare Surprise, skincare kits, haircare kits, makeup kits

So, you now know when the Black Friday sales will be on, and the stores that offer the sales. The sales items shown are predictions based on what has been on sale before. Check out which store has what you want, create an account with them, and wait for the information.

Good luck!