Gear You Need for Travel

Gear You Need for Travel

Travelling with the right quality gear makes everything easier and more enjoyable.

Here are seven travel items you need that are useful and easy to transport:

1. Portable Charger

Portable chargers, or power banks, give you the power you need, all in handheld devices that hold a big battery. Use them to charge your phone or other electronics.

With a portable charger you don’t have to look around the airport to find places to plug in and hang around the plug while your devices charge.

Features to look for: multiple ports, battery size and high-speed charging.

2. Universal Travel Adapter

It is better to invest in a universal travel adapter than to be stuck at an airport having to buy one. Anything you have to buy at the airport is over priced, and the adapters they sell often don’t protect your electronics. Also, an adapter is no larger than an iPhone so it is not inconvenient to carry one. You won’t regret buying one and bringing it on your travels.

Look for one that converts voltages and allows you to charge multiple devices.

3. Skyroam Solis Portable WiFi Hotspot

This app allows you to have a portable WiFi hotspot that supplies secure mobile WiFi. There are no SIMs or configuration needed. And no expensive roaming fees! Just unlimited data and fast connection across more than 130 countries.

4. Wireless Headphones

Headphones are a must for travel, and it has never been easier to use them. Headphones are now so compact that they can be packed and transported easily, and the wireless feature means that they don’t have wire that get all tangled up. They can provide entertainment by allowing you to listen to music, or to binge-watch movies.

Headphones will stop your flight neighbours from starting small talk, so if you want to be left alone, put on your headphones!

5. Tablet and Bluetooth Keyboard

Laptops aren’t the best choice for travel. They are big and heavy and there is always the worry that the battery will run out. A better travel choice is a tablet. A Bluetooth or USB keyboard makes it easier to type and use a tablet.

6. Kindle

Travel involves a lot of waiting and sitting around. That means you need some way to entertain yourself, and so you need a Kindle, or an equivalent e-reader that you like.

Once charged, Kindles can get more than a month of battery life. They can hold thousands of books, and one of those books is sure to appeal to you. Travel can be a good time to catch up on all the reading you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.

7. Fitbit

Just because you are travelling, doesn’t mean that you should neglect tracking your fitness! But the new Fitbits offer more features besides health-related ones that are useful for travel. Your Fitbit can access apps for weather forecasts, and flight status updates on selected airlines.

Using the gear on our list is sure to make your next trip much better!