Fun Things to Do for a Night at Home

cozy night at home ideas

Whether it’s family night or date night, it can be hard on your wallet if you always leave the house. One of the best money saving tips is making the best memories at home – it doesn’t always have to be out-of-this-world exciting.

Learn how to reduce your expenses for quality time with these ideas!

The Classic Pillow Fort

Grab all of the blankets and pillows in your house and start building a fort in the living room. Make sure it’s roomy enough for everyone and that you can actually breathe inside. Once everything is in place, choose a movie or have a movie marathon for the rest of the night. You can set up a ticket station, snack station, and “admit” your guest(s) into the comfy fort.

Cook/Bake Together

Save money on takeout by cooking dinner together. There are thousands of easy recipes online to choose from for all types of cooks from beginner to advanced chef. For some more fun, you can pretend you’re on a cooking show and record the experience to cherish and laugh at later. At the end of it all, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

Game Night

Unleash your competitive side with a night dedicated to playing games. You can choose from classic board games like Monopoly, which can lead to dangerous competitive territory, video games like Just Dance, or both! Raise the stakes with a prize for the winner and a punishment for the loser (dish washing!).

Try Online Challenges

The Cinnamon Challenge of 2012 sparked hundreds of more Internet challenges for the entertainment of Internet observers. You don’t have to live record your experiences, but you can try all of the safe challenges – please don’t eat Tide Pods. Here are some safer alternatives:

  • Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Compile a list of funny videos, lame jokes, and other funny Internet content and then challenge each other to not laugh. You can take turns and see who fails the most!

  • The Whisper Challenge

Best played with noise-cancelling headphones, but any headphones can do as long as the music volume is high (but not damaging). While one person has headphones on, the other person says a word or phrase that the other person has to guess. The guesses usually are wildly wrong.

  • Baby Food Guess Test

Buy a variety of baby food jars and try to guess what kind of mushed up food you’re tasting while blindfolded. This game is more challenging than it sounds – food is harder to identify when mushed.

  • Bottle Flip Challenge

Test your physical skills and flip a partially filled plastic water bottle (about half a bottle at least) and try to make it land straight up. You’ll probably be trying to flip water bottles for the rest of the week to perfect your flip.

Staying home isn’t lame. You can save money and have a more intimate time with your partner or family by doing something at home. You don’t have to worry about overspending and it’s a win-win for everyone, except for whoever loses!