Feel More Secure with Nest Cams

Feel More Secure with Nest Cams

Feel More Secure with Nest Cams

For those who think that having a 24/7 live streaming security camera is a little on the intrusive side, you might not be aware of their advantages.

Here are 8 features of the Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ Indoor that you will love:

1. Outdoor Cameras Deter Crime

Studies show that the simple presence of an outdoor camera is enough to stop burglars.

2. The Cameras are Easy to Set Up

It is easy to install both of these cameras. You plug them in and add them in the Nest app or online.

3. You Choose what Level of Alerts and Identification Algorithms you Get

You get a free 1-month trial of Nest Aware with your outdoor Nest camera. This helps you to choose what level of alerts and identification algorithms you want.

This subscription upgrade gives you access to better alerts and more advanced identification algorithms.

With Nest Aware, you can highlight areas in the camera’s field of vision to select activity zones. When you select specific activity zones like the front yard, you focus on areas of concern and reduce the amount of notifications.

It also allows you to see all the footage from the past ten days in the app’s timeline.

If you decide not to use Nest Aware, the camera only saves about three hours of footage, which doesn’t even cover a full work day. After three hours, you will still get alerts, but only still frames are saved.

4. The Footage you get is Clear and Easy to See

With a 130-degree wide angle, the cameras cover a lot of ground, and the 1080p HD resolution makes the footage clear and easy to see, even at night because the night vision is excellent. You can zoom in digitally as well.

The outdoor camera allows you to distinguish people from approximately 100 feet away, and the motion sensors are very sensitive.

5. The Nest IQ has Facial Recognition

Both the Nest Cam Outdoor and the Nest Cam IQ Indoor are good at spotting people, but the facial software of the Nest IQ can identify familiar faces pretty accurately.

It can alert you if your spouse or child is moving around the house. Be aware that moving your hands near your face can confuse it.

6. The Supersight Feature can Zoom in and Track on People

Supersight is a Nest Aware feature with the Nest IQ that can zoom in and track on people of interest with a 4K sensor and HDR that produce clear, bright images.

7. The Cameras have Two-Way Audio

You can yell at burglars or talk to the house sitter and give direction from out of town!

8. You can Manipulate Video Clips

You can create, save and download video clips with Nest Aware. If you are a working parent and you want to save clips of your kids, you can, just like you would if you were at home.

These features make the Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ Indoor something worth considering for your home.