Fall Backyard Accessories

Fall Backyard Accessories

Fall Backyard Accessories

Autumn is now in full swing, and the temperatures are dropping—you might see one or two more of those guys who wear shorts all year round, but for everyone else, it’s time for warm, fuzzy sweaters, cozy socks, and warm drinks.

However, the changing weather doesn’t have to be a death sentence to spending time outside—great news for fans of relaxing in the backyard. Whether you want to spend time with your loved ones relaxing, or you want to impress the whole neighborhood with your haunted house—there’s still time to enjoy the backyard.

Below is a list of backyard accessories for fall that will allow you to continue to enjoy the outdoors despite the cooler temperatures.

Fire Pit

While some people might consider a fire pit more of a summer addition, it can be just as useful—if not more useful—during the fall (have you ever sat in front of a fire in the summer? You’re basically a mosquito buffet!).

Installing a fire pit is a great way to utilize your backyard during the cooler months—you can roast marshmallows in front of it (or go a step further and make s’mores); or, if you’re pallet leads you to be partial to savory flavors over sweet, you can have a hotdog roast; you can relax with a good book; or you can just lay back and gaze at the stars (now that the days are getting shorter, you’ll have even more time for stargazing).

Best of all, installing a backyard fire pit is relatively easy and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Festive Decor

For some, the approach of fall is met with anticipation and excitement; for others, however, it’s met with resentment, as it means there will be what can often feel like endless yard work to do.

However, if you’re a fan of all things spooky, you can turn the yardwork into a fun opportunity to add some flair to your yard.

You can pick up some festive yard waste bags at many popular retail outlets and put up spooky-looking jack-o’-lanterns around your yard, or get creative and make a scarecrow (or cadaver if you really want to give people a fright), out of your yard waste bags.

Throw in some decorative pumpkins and gourds, and you don’t be dreading yardwork so much.

Take Advantage of the Shorter Days

While one of the things people are most disappointed about during fall is the lack of sunlight, you can make the most of it by adding some light features to your backyard.

Since the sun is now setting earlier and earlier, you can make your backyard more ambient by adding some rope lights to illuminate a path to the patio table, or hang some twinkle lights along the fence for a romantic evening in.

You can even get creative, and install some features and sound effects in the yard to create a haunted house; then use rope lights to illuminate a path for people to walk as they explore the scariest house on the block.