Explore Central American Jewels – Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Explore Central American Jewels – Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Explore Central American Jewels – Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Saying, “I’m going on a trip,” is much more different from, “I’m going on vacation.” Why? The first implies traveling for adventure and exploring what other parts of the world have to offer. The second brings up thoughts of all-inclusive resorts where days are spent on the beach or the pool, there’s always a buffet open, and room service is never off the table.

While there’s something for everyone, Central America attracts adventurous backpackers looking to explore the vastly diverse land in between North America and South America. There are one-in-a-lifetime experiences discovering the rainforests, beaches, mountains, and native wildlife Central America has to offer

Explore Central America

Central American countries are so condensed that it’s easy to hop from country to country to see what each has to offer. From the well-preserved national parks, untouched beaches, cenotes, and Mayan pyramids that are only accessible by foot, it’s a hiker’s dream to appreciate the highly biodiverse land home to native wildlife on both land and sea, especially the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, plants, and insects.

Costa Rica

Historically one of the most popular Central American countries to visit, Costa Rica offers more treasures besides the iconic Mayan pyramids. The “pura vida” attitude of the country embraces living life to the fullest.

Cross paths with a sloth or wander the beach looking for newly hatched turtles or their adult counterparts. And don’t miss a chance to see some of the 50 types of hummingbirds native to Costa Rica at La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

The established infrastructure from years of attracting tourists means that there are more than enough resorts to choose from if you’re looking to lounge on the beach at a luxurious resort. These resorts also offer organized tours and experiences where visitors can snorkel, visit Indigenous villages, or rent 4x4s to drive across the terrain.


Making its way to take the place of Costa Rica as the most popular Central American country to visit, up and coming Nicaragua has become the destination for backpackers looking for a cheaper and less travelled option. Experience the city life in Grenada, a place immersed in history, where you can admire the gorgeous, Spanish colonial architecture and spend the day amongst the friendly locals.

The more popular Pacific side of Nicaragua is where the main cities sit, but there are lots of places to visit and explore across the country. Seasoned travelers recommend that you don’t miss out on surfing or visiting:

  • Corn Islands

Head to the less traveled Caribbean side where you can enjoy perfect beaches and snorkel

  • Ometepe Island

The natural marvel of Ometepe Island is formed by two volcanoes and sits on Lago de Nicaragua. Hike, cycle, kayak, and eat the delicious food on the island.

  • Cerro Negro – Volcano Hiking and Boarding

Hike Cerro Negro with a tour group, then sit on a wooden board, and make your way down the mountain.

  • The Miraflor Nature Reserve

Immerse yourself in the vastly biodiverse flora and fauna that you can only see here.