Experience Paradise When You Travel to Atlantis Bahamas

Experience Paradise When You Travel to Atlantis Bahamas

Between a relaxing, enjoyable vacation or a vacation to explore somewhere new, many families usually opt for the former rather than the latter. Time away from the busy work and school life might just as well be spent taking it slow somewhere sunny, on a beach, sipping a cool sip without having to worry about e-mails, homework, or any other responsibilities.

Whether you’re planning a multigenerational family vacation or a vacation just for yours, you can enjoy a waterpark that spans over 140 acres surrounded by 6 towers of different types of accommodations that offer restaurants, a casino, a marina habitat, and much more when you travel to Atlantis Bahamas.

Atlantis Bahamas

The resort emerged from the idea to develop the most engaging and extraordinary resort in the world. Inspired by the mythical lost city of Atlantis, the goal was to create one of the largest open-aired marine environments that housed hundreds of thousands of sea creatures from 200 different species as well as a waterslide unparallel to any other, six swimming areas and a marine habitat that cost $15 million to build between 1994-1998. The resort brought the economy back from its decline and provided jobs on the island. 

The Different Accommodations at Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis Bahamas is essentially six different resorts within the resort. Each accommodation fits many different budget and vacation types, but all have access to the same attractions. The towers of Atlantis Bahamas are:

The Beach Tower

Located furthest from the main attractions, this resort is the oldest and most inexpensive of the six and reflects its cost. That being said, if you just need a place to rest your head after a day of fun, it’s the most affordable choice.

The Coral Tower

An upgrade from and next to The Beach Tower, The Coral Tower has recently been renovated and offers a budget-friendly family stay.

The Royal Tower

The main tower that Atlantis Bahamas is associated with is the most popular one busy with crowds, the casino, shopping, and most of the other main attractions of the resort. It houses one of the world’s most expensive hotel suites, the “Bridge Suite” but the other rooms cost over $200 USD per night. 

The Reef Tower

As the newest tower addition to the resort, it offers condominium-styled suites and is located away from the busy areas offering a more relaxing experience. It’s the most popular tower for families and has its own beach and pool.

The Cove

Opened at the same time as The Reef Tower, The Cove has 600-suites and is more expensive than the other towers. It’s not family friendly and has its own pool accessible only to guests staying there. 

The Harborside Resort

On the marina, Harborside is a colorful, village-like resort with four-story, colorful villas. It’s most lively in the evenings in the resort’s center where guests can eat and shop. 

Things to Note

With all of its marvels and services, Atlantis Bahamas isn’t all-inclusive and guests must pay for their own food through a meal plan or by cash.