DIY Renovation Tips for Fall

DIY Renovation Tips for Fall

DIY Renovation Tips for Fall

Each season has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to renovation. Here are eight great DIY tips on how to remodel your home for fall:

1. Roof Maintenance and Repair

Fall is a good time to take a look at your roof and decide to maintain or repair it, so that you don’t end up with a roof that leaks in the winter, and is even more difficult to fix because of the winter season.

DIY roof repair can be challenging but is doable. Keeping your roof in good repair helps to keep the job manageable.

2. Eavestroughs and Downspouts

Fall is a good time to clean out all of the leaves and debris that has ended up in your eavestroughs and downspouts. A necessary task which can be made easier by installing covers or guards that limit the amount of debris and which can easily be found at hardware stores.

3. Prepare Your Deck

Prepare your deck for the harsh weather to come. Power wash and hand scrub the deck to make it like new and brush on a protective coat of semitransparent stain to protect it so it will be nice when summer comes around and you spend time outdoors on the deck again.

4. Insulation

Winter is coming! Fall is the time to insulate so that your home will be warm and energy efficient for the coming winter. Depending on your home and needs, you can install insulation in the attic. Another eco-friendly way to insulate starts at the ground floor. With cork! It is easier to install than regular wood flooring and it is durable and earthy, and will warm up the floors and provide a little cushion.

5. Painting

Fall is a good time to do any exterior painting. So much better than painting in the heat of the summer!

Something that will update and refresh your home look is to repaint the front door and exterior accents, highlighting your door. Your home will have more curb appeal with minimal effort.

6. House Numbers and Mailboxes

You can change your house number and mailbox. Decide how much time and cost you want to devote to this project, and you will be left with a whole new look and feel to your house entrance.

7. Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan is not difficult. You can replace an old light fixture with a ceiling fan that has lights as well. The fan can connect to the existing cable from the old light.

A ceiling fan saves money in both winter and summer. In winter, the fan circulates heated air to keep the room warm, while in summer the fan creates cooling airflows that can aid air conditioners.

8. Programmable Thermostat

Usually, digital thermostats are purchased through, and installed by HVAC contractors, but you can buy them online and install them yourself.

These thermostats can automatically change indoor temperature settings and lower your heating and cooling costs. Some models are simple and control heat only, while some have functions that include cooling and humidifying.

Let fall be a time to get things done!