Company Christmas Party Ideas for Every Type of Team

coworkers at a party celebrating together

No two teams are alike.

Some work teams are energetic and competitive, while others are more relaxed and communally structured. Some teams go out and party together, while other teams are peopled by more reserved individuals, who prefer a quiet night in at the end of a long workday. Some teams are young, and like to do activities befitting their age, while other teams are comprised of seasoned veterans who, frankly, don’t have time for what the young people are up to. 

You get the point: every team is different. And yet, when December rolls around and it’s time for the staff Christmas party, many owners and managers think that a one-size-fits-all event is going to cut it. Try taking a rowdy team to a fancy restaurant, or taking a reserved team to karaoke bar. It just won’t work.

In this article – in order to right those Christmas party wrongs – let’s run down some of the commonest team types, and suggest the perfect party.

The Competitors – Axe Throwing

It’s not just one of those fun birthday party ideas for adults – if your team is competitive, energetic and loves to have fun, take them axe throwing. Not only is the sport the perfect emotional release (which everyone needs around the holidays) but it’s also light-heartedly competitive.

What normally happens, when you book a corporate party at an axe throwing facility, is that the team gets a lesson on axe throwing from a pro. Then, facing off in round robin competition, everyone gets to test their abilities at smashing an axe into the center of a wooden target. Finally, it’s group photo time, with everyone brandishing an axe and looking their absolute coolest.

The Free Spirits – Karaoke

Some teams are more outgoing than others; it’s not uncommon to hear people singing from their desk or dancing in the break room. Some people just can’t help but express themselves!

If this is your team, do them a huge favour and take them out for karaoke. There is nothing an expressive group of people love more than to sing Celine Dion or Backstreet Boys songs to each while knocking back a few drinks. Go for the private room karaoke though – you don’t want to contend with drunken non-team members.

The Class Acts – A Tapas Restaurant

For the more introverted (read: classy) type of team, it would be a mistake to take them to a karaoke bar. Axe throwing would still be fun, since it doesn’t require any previous skillset, and doesn’t demand extroversion from anyone. But whatever activity you choose, pair it with a nice dinner.

The reason tapas – or any small plates place, for that matter – works well for company parties, is because it is communal, and allows for many types of dishes. This is a boon if you have team members with various dietary restrictions.

The Ironic Party People – Ugly Sweater Party

ugly sweater party

Irony is everywhere. It’s not a bad thing necessarily; it just means that a lot of people hold once-revered things like the Company Christmas Party at a humorous distance. They don’t want the formal, suit-and-tie, speech-heavy parties that their parents had.

The most popular solution in this case is the ugly sweater party. The thought here is that, if everyone looks silly, no one looks silly. And it cuts through the formal awkwardness of a company party almost immediately, allowing everyone to let loose and have fun.

Just because there’s no “I” in Team, doesn’t mean all teams are alike. Know what kind of team you have before you plan your company holiday party, and book your activities accordingly.