Check Out These 10 Obscure Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020

10 Obscure Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020

Check Out These 10 Obscure Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020

After the holidays and new year, normal life can get dull and grey. It’s easy to want to peruse the top places to travel in 2020 to get away from the cold and bore. This time around, you should consider more obscure destinations that give you everything popular ones do, but at a better price.

Here are some destinations you should consider:


The little-known country that sits on the border of Europe and Asia, Georgia, should be at the top of the list for anyone who wants to go to Europe, but can’t afford it. You’ll relax with wine that has viniculture roots that date back 7000 years and enjoy the hospitable culture.

The Cook Islands

Get the paradise experience with clear blue waters and white sand beaches with a vacation in The Cook Islands. The Cook Islands offers Polynesian influenced island life and its abundant marine life. The country values responsible development with their marine conservation areas and renewable energy sources.


The African country gives travelers the opportunities to see amazing wildlife face to face. Tourists can grow the Rwandan economy and take in the local culture as well as the natural beauty of the small country with its many rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and more.

Kochi, India

A city steeped with the history of colonial occupation by various countries, tourists can admire the reclaimed Kochi culture that was influenced by colonial powers. Travelers can go back in time and admire the growing art community.


You don’t have to wonder anymore what the Caribbean islands look like without the oversaturation of resorts when you visit Dominica. A paradise just like the other islands, Dominica implements eco-friendly initiatives in their development to keep their waters crystal blue.


Travel to a world completely different to your own in Morocco. An African country known for its diversity and astounding natural landscapes, you enjoy brand new experiences for the first time.

Puebla, Mexico

Visit Puebla, a city two hours away from the capital, and take in the neighborhoods of colorful houses and the magnificent churches that come in the hundreds. Intricately designed, the deeply religious city deserves to be a top travel destination in 2020.


2020 should be the year where Central Asia gets the tourist recognition it deserves. A key stop on Silk Road, Uzbekistan holds a rich cultural and architectural legacy that deeply differ the suburban neighborhoods we know so well in the West.

Northern Territory, Australia

For those of us who only know of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, there is a whole new world to discover in the northern part of Australia. Stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and Indigenous culture should be enough to draw adventurous travelers.

Rovinj, Croatia

If you always wanted to see Venice, but can’t bear the thought of meandering the bustling city of locals and hundreds of tourists, book a trip to the much quieter Rovinj, Croatia. With buildings stacked to the very edge of the peninsula, the architecture and local cuisine will give you an unforgettable experience.