Check Out These 10 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations for 2020

Check Out These 10 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations for 2020

The endless options and the ease of planning trips has created hidden hot spots growing in popularity with tourists. And unfortunately, because of the results of climate change and the speed at which they’re happening, people are in a hurry to see earth’s wonders before they’re gone or destroyed. Stepping away from climate change, AirBnB used their numbers and released the top destinations people were booking for 2020. The results showed that more people are looking for “eco-friendly” or “eco-conscious” destinations and choosing locations that are “hidden gems” to visit.

10 “Hidden Gem” Travel Destinations for 2020

Now, no one is saying that visiting traditional destinations (bonjour, Paris) is not allowed, but just to consider the trips less travelled! Here’s a brief roundup in no particular order of the ten places to visit in 2020 according to the Internet:

  • Egypt

Discover the well-preserved culture and the deep history of Egypt that holds the title of the fastest growing travel destination. Take in the entire country on the Nile River cruise.

  • Vanuatu

If you want to be completely off the map, the nation of over 80 islands might be as close as you can get. About 2000 miles east of Australia, you can experience the local cultures of the islands where there are over 100 native languages spoken.

  • Madagascar

Informally known as the eighth continent, Madagascar offers its first luxury eco-friendly hotel. The hotel is all-inclusive and offers experiences discovering the unique flora and fauna, shipwrecks, and underwater safaris.

  • Hydra Island, Greece

Say goodbye to all things traffic because on this Greek island, no cars are allowed! Visit this alt-destination and enjoy the peaceful waterfront views and good food.

  • Rwanda

Rwanda has drastically transformed since the country’s tragic genocide over 20 years ago. It’s now one of the top luxury safari destinations where visitors can observe gorillas in a natural habitat.

  • Ubatuba, Brazil

This Brazilian city saw a 108% rise in interest on AirBnB. Hike through the Atlantic rainforest along one of the many trails and surfers can test their sport in foreign waves.

  • Jaisalmer, India

Indian’s Golden City, Jaisalmer, is the destination that will exceed your expectations for a place located in the remote desert. With so many experience options to appreciate the epic scenery and architecture, you might have to try not to blink to take everything in.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Get a colorful splash to the face when you visit the Rainbow Nation. The port city offers culture, remarkable views, and history.

  • Slovenia

For an affordable trip to Europe, try out Slovenia. Explore the various landscapes from sea to forest to mountain and visit the small towns dotted across the country.

  • Israel

Israel has seen such a boom in foreign travelers that its airport, Ben-Gurion, is undergoing a $480 million expansion to accommodate their extra 30 million visitors that visit per year.

Of course, there are many more destinations to choose for your 2020 travel plans and many world wonders to see while you can!