Be Inspired to Remodel Your Kitchen

Be Inspired to Remodel Your Kitchen

Be Inspired to Remodel Your Kitchen

You’ve decided on a kitchen renovation. Maybe because you’re tired of your old kitchen or your kitchen isn’t practical for your needs. Or maybe you are thinking of upgrading in anticipation of a move or you want to increase the value of your home.

Whatever the reason, we have five great ideas from inspiring kitchens to help you remodel your kitchen:

Freshen Your Colour

An easy way to remodel your kitchen is to change its colour. All-white kitchens were all the rage, but now, the most popular colour for a kitchen is blue!

Blue can have a calming effect, and blue is a neutral that can go with anything. That is because blue has so much diversity of shade. It can be a watery shade, a robin’s egg shade, or a navy-blue shade, depending on what mood you want for your kitchen.

Hang Artwork

The kitchen often offers up plenty of wall space. Why not fill those spaces with art? This is where your flair can shine. Will it be vintage food pictures? Landscape pictures? It’s up to you.

Use Light for Function and Mood

A long, linear light fixture over a kitchen island can light the whole room with both uplight and downlight, or just one or the other, and a dimmer switch can be used on a strip of lights to provide mood lighting.

Install a Backsplash

Installing a backsplash can update a kitchen look, and can easily be done over a weekend. You can install a classic white backsplash, or use any tile to show your style.

A backsplash is more than just cosmetic. It protects the wall between the countertop and upper cabinets or shelves, which is especially important around the sink, where water splashes happen, and behind the cooktop where there are grease and food splatters. Installing the tiles only takes a couple of hours. Let them set overnight, then grout them the next day. Easy!

Open Shelving

People have been hesitant to have open shelving, because some of the necessary items in a kitchen can’t be hidden away, making for a messy looking kitchen.

However, open shelving brings elegance to a kitchen, and creates a light, open feeling. The openness allows you to see where everything is, and feels intuitive because you can easily find anything. The shelving material itself can make a statement, with wood, glass, marble and mixed metal finishes, and you can showcase unique or memorable glassware and tableware with specialty lighting.


The kitchen is a place where there is a need for storage. The trend is minimalist Scandinavian style, which allows for storage, but not for clutter. What is important for storage is that it be organized, with easy access.

Traditional cabinets are being replaced by drawers in today’s kitchens. There is no difference in the amount of storage space between cabinets and drawers, but drawers offer better visibility, with easier access. There’s no bending down or reaching deeply into the cabinet to get to the back.

Let your creativity improve your kitchen the way you want.