An Active Lifestyle Benefits Both Your Physical and Mental Health

Active Lifestyle benefits

It may seem easier to neglect an active lifestyle and do the least amount of work possible and never exercise, but inactivity is more difficult in the long run. Inactivity has a price. An active lifestyle has benefits, the most important of which is an improvement in the quality of your life.

Physical activity is good for both your body and your mind. As the saying goes, physical activity will “add years to your life, and life to your years”. That’s because it contributes to a longer lifespan, with less of a likelihood of chronic disease.

Here are some benefits that come with an active lifestyle that prove that getting out there and moving is worth it:


Getting out and getting exercise can be fun! If you get involved in sports, you can play with others and enjoy their company while increasing your activity. There are so many ways to get exercise that are fun, so you don’t notice that you are exercising!


Exercise will result in weight loss or better weight management. You will be in better shape, and being in better shape means you will have more pep and vitality. Just getting around and doing all the things you need to do in a day becomes much easier when you are in shape, and you won’t get winded as easily. You will be able to do more and have more endurance.


You will have better control over health issues and problems by having more control over what leads to heart problems, such as blood cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. Your improved muscle and bone health will help prevent osteoporosis. The quality of your sleep will improve as well, and the number of headaches will decrease.

Mental and Emotional Health

Physical activity will help your body cope with stress better, by forcing the body’s central and sympathetic nervous system to communicate to each other. That leads to a decrease in anger and tension, anxiety and confusion.

Positive Mood and Feelings of Well-Being

Physical activity is scientifically proven to be a mood booster, thanks to an increase in endorphin levels.

When there is an increase in positive mood, many benefits follow. Self-worth and self-esteem improve and the confidence that you are capable of doing things rises.

This is fueled in part by actually being capable of doing more, and having a positive body image that comes from losing weight and improving endurance and muscle tone. Confidence is increased when you see results from your efforts and you can see how you have improved.

There is more emotional stability to cope with life’s ups and downs. Just keeping to an exercise schedule gives your life more structure, and helps you stay focused. This focus also helps you to leave your worries behind as you exercise. You are able to manage depression better, by reducing it and maybe even preventing it!

Your life will improve if you are physically active, so it is worth any effort that you put forth.